Kate’s work is truly amazing, she was able to engage our staff and suppliers by identifying the issues and helping us focus on the key areas we needed to address. She has made a real difference.  Mark Reynolds,
 CEO, Mace


Kate supported our Joint Venture on a significant transport infrastructure project. Her knowledge is vast. Kate provided great challenge to the team in raising the bar on our standards. She is a visionary to where the industry needs to be in the medium and long term. Grant Mobbs, Business Development Manager, Ferrovial


Kate spoke at our live online broadcast on equality, diversity and women in engineering. We received fantastic feedback. Paul Cross, Environment Agency


I have worked with Kate through CLOCS. She successfully engages with people at all levels from all parties to achieve concrete improvements. Kate has taken VRU safety to an entirely different level: She is ‘The’ go-to person on road safety consultation and peer review. Catherine Beeckmans, H&S Manager, Thames Tideway


The presentation was powerful and moving in equal measure. Grant Georgiades, CEO, Yellow Jersey Insurance


Due to her drive, commitment, her willingness to speak up, Kate has changed the way we, and a lot of other businesses, operate. Ray Govier, Distribution Manager, Hanson


Kate has succeeded in advancing positive arguments for change in an environment where traditionally it hasn’t always been welcome. She has a huge amount of respect from the wider industry. Kate’s story is something that everyone in our industry should hear.  Sean McGrae, Tarmac


Kate’s presentation left the audience reeling. You could hear a pin drop. Ann-Marie Knegt, Future Fleet Forum


Her combination of compassion and hard evidence makes for a poignant and profound message. I cant imagine anyone who would not be both moved and inspired on hearing her speak. Dave Alego, Speaker, Author, Coach


Kate is a driving force of inspirational change: she has been a key contributor to the safety enhancements achieved in mitigating risk to vulnerable road users. Paul Wright, Group Health & Safety Director, Biffa


Completely and utterly inspired by Kate’s delivery and presentation at our Future Leaders’ Conference. Her topics were current, challenging and matters I feel strongly about: women within the construction industry (and their opinion and participation in society), sustainability and safety. Thank you for inspiring the group, for inspiring me! John Gambol, Technician, Tarmac


Kate was brilliant, both in style (passionate, witty & down to earth) and in content (inclusion, safety & sustainability). We need more females on stage. We need more female engineers onstage. We need more female engineers that talk about society and business’ most relevant challenges on stage. She’s a role model and I warmly recommend her. Thimon de Jong, Keynote Speaker and Founder, Whetston


Kate has and is making a critical contribution to raising awareness and has been instrumental in the progress we are now seeing in driver training and the development of safer lorries. Jerry McLaughlin, Director, Mineral Products Association


There is no doubt that Kate has played a leading role in affecting positive change within the industry and will continue to do so. Kate is an excellent role model, not only for the industry but more broadly on how people can influence real change through determination and cooperative working.  Sean McGrae, Tarmac


Kate is hugely respected by those who have been fortunate enough to see her in action in her fields of sustainability and infrastructure.  She provides a rare mix of engineering excellence, inclusivity, perseverance and good humour.  I look forward to working closely with her during my presidential year. Professor Tim Broyd, President-Elect, ICE


Thank you for your inspiring presentation, and your on-going personal commitment to this groundbreaking initiative. Your story highlights why this work is so important. Peter Hendy, Traffic Commissioner, TfL


The feedback on your session has been incredible. I feel really privileged to have heard your story, it has made me think. The good thing about today was that there were people within the supplier workshops that can make a difference. Booker, London Underground


After listening to Kate today I will speak to the site team and my colleagues to ensure we are doing everything we can. Quite an inspirational lady! Pauline Leggat, bskyb


Kate’s presentation made me feel emotional; at times deeply saddened and others, truly inspired. I came away with a deeper sense of responsibility, for me, for others, for the world and to do more about what I feel is wrong. I was left knowing I will do things differently, mindful of the wider impact of mine and others’ actions, and to try to reduce these effects. I will question decisions and challenge more where I feel appropriate. Tarmac Delegate


Having read Kate’s ‘NCE’ articles I am now actively lobbying my company to drive those improvements required by construction companies. There is no excuse or reason for clients not demanding these measures. Kevin McDonald, Engineer


I heard you on BBC Radio 4 today and was very impressed by your delivery, your command of the facts and your sincerity. More power to you! Frank Thompson, member of public


Kate is a brilliant communicator and tireless campaigner. It was actually being interviewed by Kate some years ago that partly inspired me to launch the AA Trust #thinkbikes campaign. Edmund King, President, AA


If you want persuasion in the management of work-related road risk, inspiration to improve HGV safety, or top advice on tools to identify and manage off-site road safety, Kate is the ‘Go-To Expert’. Dave Alego, Speaker, Author, Coach


Kate’s work has had a profound impact. She moved cycle safety into the mainstream and made politicians of all persuasions take it seriously. Because of the high profile that she brought to the safety issue, EU law was changed. HGVs across Europe will look different and be safer because of her work. Fiona Hall, MEP


Kate has made an invaluable contribution to making HGVs and lorries safer, her obvious commitment to this cause was a major reason behind the success of the UK’s contribution in bringing the concern of these dangerous vehicles to the attention of Brussels and the EU institutions. Ceri Woolsgrove, Policy Officer, European Cyclists’ Federation, Brussels


Kate has been extremely effective in raising the awareness of local and national politicians, and policymakers. She has challenged influencers and decision-makers at every level. She presents a highly professional and compelling case for change and this is evidenced by reference to her campaign in debates in both Houses of Parliament. Jenny Jones, Baroness of Moulescombe

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