Advancing sustainably, safely, responsibly

“As humans, we have this ability to do absolutely terrible things through malice, neglect or fear. And in response to those things, there is this other remarkable human capacity for nobility, bravery, sacrifice and love.” Craig Mazin, Screenwriter of Chernobyl: The Untold Story.

Leaders, managers, procurers, regulators, clients, contractors, operators and drivers are dealing with all sorts of issues in their every day. How do we ensure we do not cause terrible catastrophe through neglect, fear or complacency? How do we protect against and pre-empt a death, an emergency, a court case?

We talk of visions and values, of sustainability and safety, of diversity and inclusion, and yet governments have declared a ‘climate emergency‘ with pension funds withdrawing investment for organisations failing to find their triple bottom line; we have over 500 members of the UK public killed or seriously injured every year under the wheels of HGVs with vehicles not fit for purpose and drivers not fit to drive; and we have skills shortages and woeful productivity compared to the rest of Europe being exacerbated by privilege and unconscious bias inherent in many industries, organisations, offices, sites and factories.

Progressive and enlightened organisations, those eager to go beyond compliance, to be responsible and ethical become resilient to failure and fit for the future. Research has consistently shown that those organisations which prioritise sustainability; those which have a conscious safety culture, those with diverse boards, perform better financially.

By identifying and managing our risks, the challenges of sustainability, safety and inclusivity become great opportunities bringing unforeseeable value for individuals, teams and companies. Opportunities for increased recruitment, retention and progression of the best employees; for improved productivity, reputation and credibility with the best clients; and for greater resilience, readiness and agility to meet the needs of the future.

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